Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Master Chorale. The hall was constructed in 4 years, opening to the public October 23rd, 2003. Auditorium design by Yasuhisa Toyota of Nagata Acoustics and structure by Architect, Frank Gehry. Gehry’s original stone exterior was modified after the final project cost exceed the original budget. There were problems with the stainless steel panels as sections of the building were polished to a mirror finish. The swooping curvature of exterior panels created hot spots inside the building and sun glare in surrounding buildings resulting in unsafe temperatures. Panels were eventually given a matte finish and specific parts of the building were dulled even more to eliminate the unpleasant reflectiveness. Frank Gehry has said that the structure was developed to mimic a “wing-on-wing” feeling while at the helm of a sailboat with the wind behind you.