RLAM + Gigliotti

Royal London Asset Management’s site with Robert R Gigliotti's photography featured

In 2009, Royal London Asset Management set out to redevelop their current site to something that reflected their emerging motto, “see things differently”. RLAM’s marketing agency, Concep, based in London, wanted to create something for RLAM that also embodied original photography that captured details in a new light.

Concep’s Art Director searched the net for original photography that complimented RLAM’s motto and Concep’s design templates. After searching via tags on Flickr, they came across photos tagged “London” by Chicago Photographer, Robert R Gigliotti. After setting up a private on-line viewing of possible candidates to choose from, RLAM and Concep agreed on three photos that can be seen on the home page of RLAM’s site. You can see all three by refreshing your browser several times, or as seen below.
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