The Hotel Intercontinental was designed by Architect, Walter W Ahlschlager, and completed in 1929 prior to the stock market crash. Art-deco was the trend of the time and the hotel reflects that along with Assyrian elements, but the style of the building is Moorish revival. The hotel is located at 505 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, one of the few hotels on North Michigan Ave with an entrance on the Magnificent mile. Originally commissioned by the Shrine organization, the building began its life as a hotel in 1944 as the Continental Hotel & Town Club. In 1989 Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts purchased the property and began renovations, reopening in 1990. The hotel is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and features 792 guest rooms and over 40,000 sq feet of meeting and banquet space. One of the hotels untouched original features, the terra cotta fountain of Neptune, resides on the east wall of the swimming pool on the fourteenth floor, the highest of its time. The hotel also hails the fact it has the largest Baccarat crystal chandelier in North America, in its grand ballroom. Oddly enough it once housed a docking port on its roof for dirigibles before the Hindenburg disaster.

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