Take Better Photos

The answer to taking better photos is complex and personal. Some factors are: your equipment, interests, location, and experience level.

Robert R Gigliotti is available for Digital photography technique & training, photo style development, portfolio building, Photoshop/editing technique, photo printing techniques and the business of selling your work. Rates are generally $75 an hour and are reduced for larger groups.

Robert has spent several years with After School Matters/Chicago Public Schools working with youth, teaching how to take better photos. Robert also worked with various community centers in the Chicagoland area to help educate adults on how to grow as photographers as well.

A unique plan designed with you or your group in mind will be created based on your specific needs. Varied based on experience level, the plan allows us to spend time understanding three main photography principles: what is great composition of an expert shot, in the field technique and training, and individual critique.

Contact Robert to setup your training session.

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