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Hi Robert!

It is nice to see what you are up to here. Your work is just spectacular!

I have a question for you. I have been doing a lot of childrens book illustration and I am in the process of finishing my first book. My illustrations are done in shadowbox form with a lot of depth and three dimensional aspects. I had planned on getting them shot professionally as when I try something is always blurred somewhere on the page…..I am sure this is an easy fix somehow. But, I had heard about a scanner as well for artwork and illustration. Have you shot much studio art and illustration? Is there a very specific technique for this kind of photography and do I need to choose a photographer specifically focused on this area? I would appreciate any insight you might have.



You should be able to pull this off…If you have a point and shoot, it will need to have manual settings. If you’re using an SLR (stands for “single lens reflex” i.e., you can swap out lenses) then you need to put it on manual as well.

General rule of thumb…The lower the aperture or F-stop, (number) the lower the focused depth of field. For example, a portrait where the face of the subject is in perfect focus, but the background is nicely blurred was shot at an F stop less than F/2.8.

The higher the aperture or F-stop, (number) the larger the depth of field. Try setting your camera to an aperture of F8 and see if you can get the results you’re looking for. Increase the number to get a larger focused depth of field and just keep adjusting the shutter speed to give the shot proper exposure. Most lenses will go up to F-22. Shooting with a higher F stop will increase your depth of field and get everything in focus like you’re looking for.

Best of luck Chrissy!

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