Professional Photographer Robert R GigliottiRRG Photography is a professional imaging studio centerally located in the Midwest/Chicago, Illinois. We’re experts on producing photographs in a variety of conditions under natural and controlled lighting. Not only does Robert R Gigliotti specialize in shooting architecture interiors, exteriors and Landscape Architecture. RRG Photography is fully licensed by the FAA to capture aerial photography via a drone/quad copter.

The spacial relationship between physical materials, people, light and movement of your unique vision is what RRG Photography will bring into focus. His professional perspective and eye for detail will cast a refreshing view of your creations.

Robert R Gigliotti graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in computer graphics/photo editing and manipulation. Robert studied the digital and traditional Photography printing process, landing a job with Kodak. Robert managing the consumer sales division supporting Kodak’s drug store traditional and digital imaging business in the Chicagoland area. Robert also worked with ILLFORD in the pro-sumer and digital markets. Robert managed sales in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. His client list included Professional Photographers, Calumet Photo, Wolff Camera, Central Camera and more.
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